Updated 5/27/2021

Below you will find our COVID-19 policies for the 2021 camp season, including check-in procedures. Please review the details below so that we can be ready to welcome you when camp starts. We look forward to seeing you for camp this year!

Feel free to contact Chief Craig with your questions any time by emailing chiefcraig@deerfoot.org or calling 855-HIS-CAMP.

Before Check-In

  1. Each camper must arrive with proof of a negative COVID test, taken within 1-3 days of the start of camp.
    1. This must be a Molecular /PCR test. Antigen tests are not sufficient.  We accept Molecular /PCRtest results from your home pediatrician, local health department, pharmacy or any other source that provides Molecular/ PCR Testing.
    2. As another option for testing, Deerfoot has partnered with Heed Health to assist in making testing as simple and accessible as possible.  Heed Health provides $40 home testing kits that come with a prepaid overnight FedEx envelope. They have set up a website just for Deerfoot families to order a test kist structured around your camper’s session dates.
      1. https://heedhealthcare.com/deerfoot-summer-camps/
    3. Campers are exempt from the testing requirement if:
      1. They have been fully vaccinated for COVID-19.  (Meaning it has been at least 2 weeks after they have completed their 2-shot series.)
        1. In this case, please bring their vaccination record.
      2. They have recently recovered from COVID-19 (see details below).
        1. Campers who have had a laboratory-confirmed positive test in the 3 months prior to starting camp and have met the criteria to end isolation should have a letter from their healthcare provider documenting the positive test date and stating the individual is cleared to end isolation.  Campers more than 3 months removed from recovery should undergo the normal testing process.
  2. Please not that there is a new, required, form added to your CampInTouch page related to the options above.
  3. Please avoid unnecessary travel and/or large group gatherings in the two weeks before camp. If you have to travel please follow these guidelines.
  4. It is critical this year that all camper forms be completed online or mailed in before the start of camp.  You can access camper forms in your CampInTouch Account
    1. You will notice one new, required form in your account this week.  Per DOH requirements, we will need some COVID-specific information from you, as well as permission to test your child for COVID while at camp.

Check-In Day

  1. As you should be aware by now, check-in day at Deerfoot will be on Sunday, not Saturday.
  2. During check-in, we are taking the following steps to limit camp exposure to COVID-19.
    1. Families will be met by Deerfoot staff in their vehicle for check-in.  Please do not leave your vehicle until instructed to by Deerfoot staff.  This takes the place of the check-in that has previously been held in Founders Lodge.
    2. Families who know camp well, that a re willing to drop off without “visiting” the camp will be encouraged to do so.  DL Counselors will be on hand to help your camper get settled.
    3. For others, we will allow a parent to enter camp with your camper and get him settled.  We will give specific guidance on where to go, and we will ask that parents wear masks and maintain distance from all other DL campers and staff.
  3. We know that this is often a great time for extended family and friends to visit camp. Only those people essential to drop off should accompany your son to camp. If you’d like an in depth tour of camp please call or email me to set up a time to visit in the spring or fall.
  4. To control road traffic and reduce wait times, later this month you will receive an email with a simple form requesting that you sign up for a 45-minute block to drop off your camper. The times will be 2-2:45, 3-3:45, and 4-4:45.
    1. We know many of you are traveling long distances and things happen “on the road.” We will be flexible with arrival times.  We will work with you to create a fun and peaceful drop-off even if you’re running late.
    2. If you’ve been on the road into camp, you know supporting two-way traffic is difficult. Adhering to your time slot will help us on many fronts.
  5. Please fund your campers camp store account online before you arrive.  (here are some instructions on how to do that)  Camp store access will be very limited in incoming day.

While Camp Is In Session

  1. Stable Groups:  Each camper will be assigned to a cabin, which will partner with 3-4 other cabins in the same age group to form a “stable group” or cohort.  These stable groups will form the unit inside of which campers need to take the fewest precautions against COVID-19.
  2. Fully Vaccinated Campers:  Per New York’s Department of Health, “Social Distancing and face covering requirements do not apply to those who are fully vaccinated unless otherwise specified.”  Fully vaccinated campers will follow the same schedule as their Stable Group, but will not need to test for COVID, and can choose whether to wear a mask or not at any given time.
  3. Masks:  Mask use at Deerfoot will be as follows.
    1. Campers and staff at Deerfoot are required to keep a mask with them at all times – on a lanyard or in a pocket.  We ask that you send several with your camper but Deerfoot will also have plenty of disposable masks available.
    2. Campers are not required to wear a mask when doing any outdoor activity within their own stable group*.
    3. Campers would need to wear a mask in the following situations:
      • Riding in a van.
      • Interacting with a person from another stable group – Examples include a member of our kitchen or maintenance staff, or a camper/counselor from another section.
      • Certain indoor situations Deerfoot may identify as higher risk.  Examples could include entering the camp store, gathering as a large group indoors, etc.
  4. Freedom within Stable Groups!:  On day 3 of camp, we have the opportunity to open things up significantly, using the following steps:
    1. All non-vaccinated campers will be tested for COVID-19 using a rapid test to be performed on-site at Deerfoot’s expense.
      1. This test will be a BinaxNOW RAPID/ Antigen “home” test by Abbott. It is a nasal swab to the inside of the nose.  It is not the more invasive nasopharyngeal test sometimes referenced as the “touch the brain” swab.  Our chosen test is commonly used in high school and college athletic programs and is considered simple and minimally invasive.
    2. As long as all campers in a given Stable Group test negative for COVID, that group no longer has to wear masks or practice social distancing together within their group for the rest of the session.
      1. Masks and distancing would, of course, be reintroduced in the event of a suspected case of COVID in the group.
      2. When different stable groups interact, they would still need to wear masks and maintain social distancing.
      3. At this stage…
        1. Unvaccinated campers would need to wear a mask for activities like: Gathering for all-camp games to hear the rules, riding in a van with a camper from another stable group, visiting the Health Center, and while passing a non-Deerfoot group on a hike..
        2. Unvaccinated campers would not need to wear a mask for activities like:  Cabin devos, and activities like sailing, fishing, hiking, floor hockey, or canoeing with fellow Stable Group members.
    3. We will emphasize games and activities by stable groups to enable campers to enjoy the vast majority of their day without a mask on and in normal contact with their community.
  5. In the event your son demonstrates symptoms of COVID-19 while at camp:
    1. They would be tested on site.
      1. If the test is negative, they would be treated at our Health Center as they would in any other summer.
      2. If the test is positive
        1. We would inform you, the parent/guardian.
        2. We would confirm the results using a second test (PCR).
        3. If your camper’s PCR test is positive we will ask you to pick-up your son within 24 hours.
    2. In cooperation with the NY Department of Health, Deerfoot would determine who the close contacts were for any camper who has tested positive for COVID-19.

Outgoing Day and Picking Up Your Camper

  1. Outgoing Day
    1. Parents and/or Guardians of campers may park in the Deerfoot Parking Lot when they arrive to pick up their camper as they would in any other summer.
    2. We ask that all parents/guardians remain at least 6 feet from any Deerfoot staff and campers other than their own.
    3. We ask that all parents/guardians wear masks during pickup when approaching any Deerfoot staff members or campers other than their own.
    4. Parents will be asked to remain in the marked area between Old Hardwood and Founders Lodge to observe the Circle of Friendship and await their camper.
  2. In the event that a parent/guardian has tested positive for COVID-19 or is exhibiting symptoms consistent with COVID-19, that parent/guardian must not enter the Deerfoot property for any reason.  Please contact our camp office and arrange for another parent/guardian or an authorized emergency contact to pick up your camper.