Registration at Deerfoot is handled through an online program called CampMinder.  On CampMinder, you have a personal page for all your own information called your “CampInTouch” page.  This is where you will register.  For details on how to use CampMinder for Registration, watch the video below, which provides a detailed walk-through of Deerfoot’s registration system.

CampMinder can help.

Deerfoot utilizes a system called CampMinder to organize our records and act as an online interface for all our registration operations.  CampMinder allows you to create an account, called your “CampInTouch” account, that you will update and have access to as long as your child is a camper at Deerfoot.  Your CampInTouch account works for all the functions below and more.


How to register for a session at Deerfoot Lodge

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Manage forms, upload paper forms, and more.

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How to fund your son’s Trading Post account online.

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Our most recent updates:

Registration Phase 1 is for returning campers, those who have been on the wait-list for at least two seasons, or those who are siblings of returning campers. Phase 1 will begin on February 1, 2021 at 7:00AM (EST).

Registration Phase 2 is for campers who were on the wait-list last season. Phase 2 begins on February 8, 2021 at 7:00AM (EST).

Registration Phase 3 is for the public. All campers are welcome to register as of February 15, 2021 at 7:00AM (EST)

Multiple Session Registration Policy: Campers may only register for one session at one camp prior to March 1. On March 1, already registered campers may register for a second session at the same or other camp where spaces are available.

1.  We do not accept registrations for partial sessions.  For program and community reasons, it is disruptive for campers to arrive late or leave early.  Please review your schedule before registering and plan for your son to attend the full 2 week session.

2.  Father-Son Registration will not be part of your initial camper registration.  Once you have completed your camper registration you may register for Father-Son separately.  This registration form will appear on your CampInTouch page in the “Forms and Documents” section.

3.  With CampMinder, all your Deerfoot paperwork will be in one place!  All forms related to your son’s time at camp will be done through CampInTouch.  This will include health forms and all other camp-related forms.  Click HERE for a guide to forms on CampInTouch.

5.  CampInTouch will also give you access to your Deerfoot account, where you can see any balance due, payment history, etc.  You can also make payments online through CampInTouch.

If you have questions regarding this system, or about Deerfoot in general, please feel free to contact Chief Craig (

Click here to access your CampInTouch account and the Camper Application (look for the green, tree-icon button as pictured to the right).  The registration icon will not appear until registration begins (see Registration Phases).

Don’t have a CampInTouch account yet?  Click here to set one up.