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Almost since Deerfoot’s inception, there have been strong ties between Deerfoot Lodge and Wheaton College.  Generations of staff teams at Deerfoot have been populated in part by Wheaton Students and graduates (including more than one Deerfoot Director).  Now, there is a scholarship at Wheaton, specifically for Deerfooters.  Please help us pass the word about this amazing opportunity to any Wheaton students you may know.  Students do not need to have worked or camped with Deerfoot previously in order to be eligible for the scholarship.

The James M. Lane Outdoor Leadership Scholarship at Wheaton College is named in honor of Jim Lane Sr.:  A distinguished Wheaton College Alumnus, and a camper, staff member, board member, and camper dad at Deerfoot Lodge.

Established by friends of Wheaton College, the James M. Lane Outdoor Leadership Scholarship is annually awarded to two Wheaton College students, based upon exemplary academics, high moral character, genuine spiritual maturity, and demonstrated leadership in extracurriculars. Upon commitment to summer employment with Deerfoot Lodge (during the summer months immediately following the award), each recipient is awarded $10,000. In addition, recipients must be rising juniors or seniors with a minimum grade point average of 3.2/4.0. Apply at the following link.

Scholarship Application:

Deerfoot Staff Application:

An interview with Wheaton Graduate Tyler Waaler about his staff experiences at Deerfoot: